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"As a creative, working with other creatives is inspiring and refreshing. Jason and Melaina are professional and talented, but most importantly, relaxed and fun. They were efficient and streamlined in their processes from start to finish, and definitely made the most of our time together."

Madeline Wieters,
Madeline Wieters CPA

Start telling your story

Connect and build trust with your audience

So, you need compelling visuals to tell your story to your audience. Or maybe you're in the process of figuring out what story to tell. Either way, we can help!

Don't let lack of time, lack of know-how, or lack of vision keep you from connecting with your clients.

We've got the resources you need - from photos to a storytelling roadmap that helps you communicate effectively with your fans.

Let us introduce ourselves and then we'll show you how we can help.

We're Jason & Melaina

At your service and excited to help you tell your story

We understand the importance and the challenge of communicating your story effectively.

After many years of using our cameras and love of storytelling to document weddings we turned our expertise to the needs of Personal Brands and business owners.

Helping you identify and tell your story through custom, personalized images is what we do.

In our Gallery section we'll show you some of the work we've done for our clients in helping them tell their stories.

If you really want to see the Gallery now then click here...

Otherwise let us tell you what it's like for us to work with you.

Working Together

What the process looks like

Initial Steps

Follow-up Steps

Let's talk about stories & photoshoots for a minute...

Story Sessions
We call our photoshoots "Story Sessions".

The reason is because lots of thought and planning goes into it as we make sure your story is being told through the images.

It's more than just a photoshoot and pretty pictures.

Photo Stories
"Photo Stories" are the sections that make up your Story Session.

In one Story Session we can tell from 1-5 Photo Stories depending on the package you choose.

For instance, in your first Story Session you might want to record Photo Stories of a client meeting, your morning yoga routine, and the scholarship that you support with your business.

The details of those stories are what we'll plan during the Pre-Session Planning Consultation.

The Heart & The Why
We strive to communicate the heart and message behind your brand. Stories are all the elements of you and your business that come together to make a RECOGNIZABLE and AUTHENTIC brand.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Telling your brand’s story, supported with intentional images, invites your followers into a relationship with you. Followers become friends and your biggest cheerleaders. They will want to do business with you because they KNOW you.

Story Sessions with personal brand photography are more than new head shots for your profile pictures or business cards. This is more than hiring a photographer for some new images on your website.

Our Story Sessions with you are intentionally planned and styled based on our consultation.

We outline the stories you are wanting to tell your followers, and then strategically plan sessions to visually support those stories.

Because of this, we provide you all the images you need to tell your brand’s story for up to the next 3 months.

We’ll also get you some fun new images for your profile pictures and website too!

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Check out the Gallery and Packages below

Story Gallery

Here are some of the stories we're helping our clients tell


Story Session prices start at $1100

Custom packages available too!

Open Use License

This is important!

Use your images the way you want to

No cumbersome commercial usage mumbo jumbo here. Do what you want with your images.

Here are a few of your vast freedoms:

If you need to do more than the Open Use License provides - for instance, sell the image or claim you took it - we make it easy to purchase the full copyright!

Other standard features:

All packages include standard image editing, designed to match your style needs, and an online proofing gallery for easy image selection.

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See what our clients say about working with us

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"Melaina took the time to sit down with me before our shoot and ask thoughtful questions about me, my business, my brand, and what I hope to communicate through photography. The shoot was organized and relaxed, and they made it easy to be my true self on camera."

Lesley Myrick,

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